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Keynote by Andy Hargreaves

Andy Hargreaves is the Brennan Chair in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. He is President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement, Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Professional Capital and Community, and Adviser in Education to the Premier of Ontario and the First Minister of Scotland.


Expert Panel with Andy Hargreaves, Zdravka Grđan and Ferre Windey




Presentations on the Working Group output package on the governance of school education systems




Parallel workshops (on 4 themes: quality assurance, continuity and transitions, teachers and school leaders, and networks)

Quality assurance for school development
In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss different quality assurance mechanisms and how they might be integrated in different ways. By critically reflecting on what is being monitored, for what purposes and how, participants will also be able to reflect on the role of different actors, including school leaders and inspectors, an consider the possibility of new approaches in their own context.

Continuity and transitions for learner development
Participants will consider how best to ensure coherent policy-making for learners to achieve their full potential, from Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) through compulsory schooling and beyond. They will examine decision-making at different scales, and policy measures that might be applied in different country contexts, taking into account particular guiding principles, including: collaboration between institutions; flexible educational pathways, learner and parental choice, and targeted support to ‘at risk’ learners.

Teachers and school leaders in schools as learning organisations
Participants will be able to engage actively in reflection and discussion about the challenges and opportunities for teachers and school leaders in schools across Europe and in their own country. Drawing on the guiding principles and examples of policy implementation and practice in different countries generated by the ET2020 Working Group Schools, participants will take part in peer learning and identify key points that they can work on with colleagues in their own context.

Networks for learning and development across school education systems
Networks can be a tool for better connectivity between stakeholders and serve as an environment to explore and pilot new pedagogical ideas and working methods. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to explore when and how best to harness the potential of networks within their different educational contexts, and to understand the potential benefits and challenges of doing so, drawing upon examples from across Europe.




Country delegation / stakeholder group workshops


Plenary - feedback from workshops and wrap-up of first conference day


Conference Dinner


Plenary – taking the work forward


Parallel workshops on horizontal topics

Implementation of school education policy reform
The continuously growing demand of high-quality education is reflected in a rapidly increasing number of education reforms in many European countries. However, the actual impact of any innovation within an education system is intensively coupled with the complexity of its implementation process. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of implementation processes and  take away key points to work with in their own country/organisation contexts.

Key competence development and curricula reform
This workshop will reflect on the Working Group outputs in the context of key competence development and reviewing and making changes to school curricula, here meaning the way in which schools support learners to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. Whether those changes may take place at national or local level, participants will have the opportunity to discuss what happens – or needs to happen - across the system when there is a desire to support innovation in school approaches and collaboration with the wider community.

Learning across the system
This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the ways in which different stakeholders can learn more about and further support development at school level, within different governance contexts. Participants will be able to share and discuss approaches such as creating school profiles, amplifying learner voices, or working with university-based research in order to work towards better learning across the system.

Ensuring stakeholder involvement and interaction
This workshop will enable participants to reflect on how different stakeholder organisations can support policy and practice development in schools in the participant’s own country. Participants will discuss the benefits of stakeholder involvement to increase quality in education and secure ownership to educational reforms. Participants will also reflect on how to better facilitate the interaction between policy makers and stakeholders and how to benefit from this specifically in their own context.




Country delegation / stakeholder group workshops




Plenary - feedback from parallel and country/stakeholder workshops


Expert Panel with Maria Juao Horta and Toby Greany


Closing words


Networking area open – with Coffee


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